Our Story

Don't sell a customer a part number, help them solve their problem

This is the enduring lesson of how Wajahat Ashai built a company. He founded a small one-room business outside Washington, DC nearly twenty years ago with the goal of helping his customers solve challenging power distribution problems. Whether you didn't know what was inside a panel, or you couldn't find a busplug, or you needed a motor starter in two hours and not two days, he helped you solve your problem.

It's with this strong focus on customer service, high business integrity, and a deep technical knowledge from his many years working at GE, that Allied Power and Control grew into what it is today.

Family business with family values

Today Allied Power and Control operates under the leadership of Osman Ashai. The company has grown into a 30,000 square foot headquarters and distribution facility in Maryland. Our capabilities today range from the sale of a commonly stocked circuit breaker to the delivery of a complete gear package consisting of multiple custom industrial control panels and switchgear. We have an inside sales team committed to rapid response, a technician team committed to quality and safety, and a shipping team committed to getting your products to you on time. All our teammates contribute to the rich institutional knowledge we've built about our products and capabilities so we can help you with your most complex jobs and questions. Most importantly, all of us at Allied Power and Control act with high business integrity, a key component of what unifies us in our mission and values.