New vs Reconditioned

When thinking about your electrical power distribution product needs, you should always consider your options for new and reconditioned. Electrical power distribution products are designed to last for dozens of years and their lifespan is primarily dictated by how many operations the product has gone through.

A reconditioned item that has undergone extensive cleaning, inspection, testing, and is warrantied is a perfectly safe and legitimate way to complete your project under budget and on time.

At Allied Power and Control, all of our reconditioned items go through a rigorous testing process that includes:

  • Extensive cleaning and removal of all corrosive elements
  • Primary injection load test, where approximately 300% of the product's current rating is passed through each phase and recorded on an official test report.
  • Operating mechanism test, where each handle and disconnect component is thoroughly tested
  • Voltage test, where the product is tested with full voltage to ensure proper functionality.

At the time of sale, all reconditioned items are warrantied. Click here to read more about our warranty.