Motor Starters and Accesories

Motor Starters and Accesories

The Basics:

Motor starters are electrical devices that distribute and control localized power to a motor load. They consist of two essential building blocks, a contactor and an overload. The contactor energizes and de-energizes current to the load while the overload protects the motor by tripping the starter in the event of an overcurrent, overheating, or other electrical faults.

Motor starters we stock:

  • 1 phase and 3 phase type
  • NEMA Size 00 to Size 6
  • IEC rated motor starters
  • Non-reversing, reversing, and two speed
  • Fractional horsepower starters
  • Manual motor starters

Accessories we stock include:

  • NEMA 1, 3R, 4X, and 12 enclosures
  • Bimetallic overload relays
  • Solid state overload relays
  • Thermal heaters
  • Multivoltage coils
  • Auxiliaries